Buying the Best Xbox One

Microsoft’s underlying vision for the best Xbox One was so inseparably connected to the Kinect that the organization didn’t much think of it as a fringe: if you purchased a Xbox One, you needed to pay for the Kinect whether you needed it or not.  
That is altogether changed with yesterday’s declaration of another $400 Xbox One that offers a similar comfort without the Kinect fringe. The less expensive Xbox One is as of now accessible for pre-request and turns out June 9, which implies imminent Xbox One purchasers now need to pick between the $400 and $500 models.  
So which one would it be a good idea for you to get? The appropriate response relies upon what you’re hoping to escape the reassure.  
The $400 Xbox One: The least expensive approach to play Microsoft unique features  
Microsoft best Xbox One 
One of the stories paving the way to the dispatch of the new consoles was the Xbox One was charging excessively money for stimulation based highlights that gamers didn’t need.  
With the $400 best Xbox One, that is not anymore an issue. In case you’re a diversion that is keen on the Xbox One due to unique features like Titanfall and forthcoming Halo titles, the Kinect-less Xbox One package is the best esteem. A significant portion of the diversions that require Kinect is wellness or move based, while most different recreations that utilization the Kinect can be played with a standard controller.  
What’s more, as a general rule, the $400 Xbox One is significantly less expensive than the $100 value drop demonstrates. The Xbox One (and Xbox 360) never again require a Live Gold membership to get to spilling media applications like Netflix, Hulu Plus, and YouTube, so you’re never again stuck paying a close compulsory $60 yearly charge to get to moderately fundamental usefulness. Regardless you’ll require Live Gold for multiplayer gaming. However, some gamers will have the capacity to get by without paying much else past the cost of diversions and the $400 support.  
The $500 Xbox One: The Kinect may accomplish more than you might suspect  
Utilize voice charges with the all-new Kinect  
At the point when the vast majority consider Kinect, they invoke pictures of move diversions and the capacity to bark out charges to change the channel on your TV. What’s more, if that is what you’re searching for, you’ll need to settle on the $500 Xbox One package.  
In any case, regardless of the possibility that you think those highlights are gimmicky, it merits considering the more costly Xbox One bundle because the Kinect is so indispensable to Microsoft’s vision of the lounge room. Besides the camera and microphone, the Kinect sensor is likewise in charge of terminating out remote control orders that permit the Xbox One to control different gadgets like your TV, link box, sound bar, and AV collector.  

Xbox One in pictures  
Link box control is of specific significance since it’s expected to exploit the Xbox One’s TV mix utilizing OneGuide thoroughly. When it propelled, I found the Xbox One’s parlor experience to sporadically disappointing. However, Microsoft has made noteworthy steps toward settling the early deficiencies. The superb standalone Media Remote (USD 25) makes the reassure significantly more family room well disposed, and Microsoft is likewise encouraging to include coordinate DVR control later on, which would settle the greatest dissatisfaction with the Xbox One’s TV watching background ostensibly.  
You may even now shy away from the possibility of a $100 celebrated IR blaster. However, you will require it if you get tied up with Microsoft’s vision of having a single interface to get to all your excitement.  
Microsoft best Xbox One 
In case you’re vacillating about regardless of whether you require the Kinect, you have the alternative of purchasing the less expensive Xbox One and including the Kinect later. Microsoft hasn’t reported how much the Kinect will cost without anyone else, yet right now you can purchase a utilized Xbox One Kinect sensor for well under $100 on eBay. What’s more, since Microsoft has affirmed that there are no different contrasts between the two packages other than the Kinect sensor, there’s no punishment for attempting the $399 Xbox One first and choosing whether you need the Kinect after you’ve lived with the reassure fr a bit or just for a good trial. 


When it comes to games today, the sound is among the most important aspects of the whole gameplay, without proper and quality sound the whole game becomes a lifeless and boring experience, especially in this age we currently live in where technology is rapidly advancing. Audio in games is very important, in some games you need to hear the sound to spot the enemies, some need multiplayer that you should communicate with during the process and this is where the need for headsets arises. When we say headsets we mean best gaming headsets, the ones with quality sound and microphones, ones which are very comfortable meaning you can wear them for a pretty long time without feeling uncomfortable or even hurt.


When people go for something that costs money it is clear that they are hoping to get something worth that value of the money spent and not less than that, and not only that but most people would pay any cost just to ensure that they get something quality. This is why you need to know how to select the best gaming headsets when you are planning to buy. You should make sure that you check all the specs first this will then be followed by assessing to hear the sound quality and let me say that sound quality should the foremost consideration in buying the headsets.

If the sound is bad just quit buying it and check for another one. If the sound is of good quality then the next thing to check on would be the comfort, see if they are comfortable and you can wear them for a long time without any discomfort. The last thing to check on is the price, after considering all the other aspects then pricing will be last. If you have a number of different options having the same quality in all aspects you will lastly consider to buy the one with the best price for you.

After having a bit of a helpful introduction then we should now dive deeper into looking at the 15 best gaming headsets in 2017; 


All these four series have great designs and they are of high quality, but focusing on arctic 7 the latest of all we have; 

  • 98DB Sensitivity 
  • Wireless
  • 3.5MM USB Connection
  • Retractable mic
  • Customizable EQ profiles
  • Metal headband

The design of these headsets is so unique and comfortable that you can wear them not only in your room but anywhere you go


This is the second best gaming headsets with great design, great features you will enjoy, we have; 

  • Fabric covered
  • Wired
  • X 7.1 Surround audio experience
  • Multi Colors

This is another type of best gaming headsets available in 2017, and in this one we have

  • Wireless
  • 112DB Sensitivity
  • USB Connection
  • Dolby 7.1 Surround support

This is the fourth listed among the best gaming headsets in 2017, but still, do have the best qualities;

  • Wired
  • Solid surround quality
  • Modular Design

This is another incredible headsets design which is very comfortable and yet has quality sound through it’s wired but it still does great when it comes to gaming, it has;

  • Wired
  • 90DB Sensitivity
  • USB Connection
  • Customizable EQ

This is another wired but still magnificently built headsets for best gaming experience, and it still has quality sound and incredible features, it has;

  • 116DB Sensitivity
  • Wired
  • USB Connection
  • Customizable EQ

This is another brilliant headset with incredibly great features compared to other listed types, it has;

  • 40MM Audio drivers
  • Swappable earpads
  • Wireless
  • Don’t support Dolby Surrounds

This is another well-designed piece among the best gaming headsets, this has features like;

  • Wired
  • USB Connection
  • Surround sound output

This is another wired yet among the best options in the available gaming headset, this has unique features like;

  • 50MM Audio drivers
  • Retractable microphone
  • Good sound isolation
  • Wired

This is also another wired headset but it still has great and unique features, quality sound that puts it on the list, it has;

  • 50MM Audio drivers
  • Removable Microphone
  • Memory foam cushions
  • Wired

This is another type of one of the best brands when it comes to headsets, it has great sound and great features like;

  • 40MM Audio drivers
  • Folding Microphone
  • Intuitive controls
  • Wired 

This is another quality headset with incredible features compared to other listed brands like;

  • 113 DB sensitivity
  • USB Connection
  • Wired
  • Closed earcups

This is another type of well-built wireless headset in our list today, we have great features like;

  • Dual Microphones
  • Wireless
  • Excellent padding
  • 15hr battery life 

This is another wireless piece listed among the best gaming headsets, it has great features like;

  • 98DB Sensitivity
  • Wireless
  • USB Connection
  • 7.1 Virtual sounds 
  • Dual Antenna 

This is our last among the 15 best gaming headsets in 2017, it is wired but still with great attractive features like;

  • 105DB Sensitivity
  • USB Connection
  • Memory foam ear cups 
  • Removable Microphone 

We have seen the top 15 best gaming headsets and their unique features listed above, and not only that but we have also touched on the basic things to consider when selecting the type of headset to buy in the beginning of this article, so hopefully this information will be very helpful to all gamers of today.

Enjoying Enhanced Gaming Experience with The Best Gaming Headsets

With technology changing day in day out, highly improved and sophisticated headsets have been designed and produced. Their prices vary based on the number of features they come with. The more the price, the more the luxury experience and the features they possess. They range from a little over $50 to $150. The high-tech ones have more impressively engineered features, enhanced compatibility, wireless operation and even a better surround sound functionality.

There are a number of wired and wireless headsets from different reputable companies with a perfect blend of features and the best functionality. There are a good number of headsets and headphones in the market today. Choosing the best amongst them may be a bit confusing and baffling considering the fact that all are highly designed and engineered and produced using the best technology. But there are those with additional features that offer something different from the others ranching from diehard PC gamer to console gamer or both. The following are the best high-end headsets for gaming:

SteelSeries Arctis 7

This is a well made complete package that comes with super comfy wireless headset, making it the best gaming headset. It has a well build surround sound of 7.1 and a unique ski goggle that makes this gadget the best in the market currently. You can attach a 3.5mm cable which will allow you to use with other devices as well. This headset allows you to customize sounds and it also gives you the joy of assigning different profiles to games. They are currently the most comfortable headset which has a microphone that fits well into the earcup when not in use.

Logitech G533

Logitech G533 is the newest in the market with enhanced audio quality and a number of other helpful features. The headset is built with the best technology and has a high-tech construction with many functional features. Logitech is powered with 7.1 surround sound using DTS Headphone X. it has a micro pop filter which gets rid of any unwanted noise. With its programmable G-key, Logitech is no doubt the best gaming headset.

HyperX Cloud Revolver S

HyperX has advanced and improved its earlier revolver headset to come up with a more functional and efficient one called the new S model. It uses Dolby 7.1 surround Sound which is compatible with a variety of devices. The only setback with this headset is that it is not wireless but still stands out as the best gaming headset. This headset allows you to plug into any device including phone, laptop or anything. It has a steel frame that lasts long and also comes with comfortable earcups.

Sennheiser PC 373D

The Sennheiser PC373D headset is the best gaming headset which cost slightly $250, being the only expensive stand-alone headset among those in this group. They come with the most comfortable earcups which are soft and fuzzy. It has inner controls meant for surround sound with crystal clear noise-canceling microphone that enhances the best gaming experience. It is powered with sophisticated audio quality that allows you to easily toggle between stereo and surround.

Razer ManO’War

This type of headset comes with a number of stylish, high-tech and state-of-the-art features that makes it the best gaming headset in the market so far. Among the features include surround sound, wireless operation, slick retractable microphone and RGB Lighting. With a Razer’s polished software that this headset is built with, it gives you a chance to modify audio with fine precision. The headsets have well fitting and comfortable earcups that deliver a clear and sonic sound which is pummeling to the ears.

This is the best gaming headset which can be connected to any device using a special feature modular design that this headset comes with. This is a top-quality headset with eyeglass friendly design that has notches and ultra plush comfortable headbands. The notches are specifically made for specs with clear and fantastic audio that enhance the best gaming experience. The most unique thing with this headset is that it allows you to control everything at a granular level, something that is not possible with the other headsets.

With these reviews and features of the different headset, it is now easier to choose the right type of headset for the best gaming experience.