What to Know When Buying a Gaming Headset

June 16, 2016
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Are you an avid gamer or is someone you love? Do you have a teen in your house constantly on the Xbox or Playstation? If so the idea of a good gaming headset has probably come to mind. A quality investment, a good headset could improve your game; or at the very least, save everyone else from losing their minds from the roar of your games. It is very important that you not just go out and purchase the first set you come across though. The headsets come in a variety of styles including corded or wireless.


They do come in different sizes with varied volume quality and are available in a range of prices from as little as $30.00 all the way to $250.00. The average range is $50.00 to $80.00 and these offer features such as retractable or stationary microphones. Comfort and fit are very important.The earcups are as unique as the people wearing them and cover the field from basic to extra cushion for those extra long gaming sessions. One brand even lights up although that could be a feature lost on the wearer.

Brand Comparison

2017 already has an exhaustive list of brands, but there is one brand that stands out above the others. The SteelSeries H and the SteelSeries Siberia Elite Prism have been voted the best on the market and is also compatible with Playstation 3 and 4, and Xbox 360.

The SteelSeries H Gaming Headset in a single review was labeled best of the best. It features Dolby 7.1 surround sound and a 15+ hour battery. It is featured on Amazon from $240.00 for the wireless style. Sound quality can make a huge difference in your games. When you are playing shooter games, it is always beneficial to be able to hear the enemy advancing on you. Most all brands offer some style of surround sound, but you would do well to research each brand in your price range thoroughly. Some models offer excellent sound such as the Playstation Gold Wireless Headset,which received an excellent review, but are not compatible with many other systems.


Durability is also a concern especially with teenagers. They are notorious for dropping, throwing and even sitting on things. You want a brand that will stand up to the level of abuse it could possibly be subjected to. Now on to accessories. Does the model you are considering have extra backup batteries? How about connector cables for the non wireless styles? You may want to add these extra costs in on your bottom line. Microphones are a coveted accessory. Do you want retractable or stationary? You defiantly want to look for a background noise canceling microphone. Certain models such as the Sennheiser Headsets feature a raising microphone arm that will disconnect you from online conversations when in the raised position.

Wrap Up

For as many gamers as there are out there, there are an equal number of headsets. System, quality, features, extras and durability are important to everyone. Gaming headsets are, without a doubt, a valuable addition to your system and a wonderful enhancement to your gaming experience.