The Secret behind Success of the best Video Games

December 1, 2016
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As something that has been with us since we were children, the addiction to video games isn’t new. Playing video games is a great hobby. From young to old, many have spent days trying to get through that one extra level so that they can get ahead. With so much attention being granted to these games, one has to wonder what exactly these games have that makes them so successful among video players. What are the factors that make these games so irresistible?

The best Video games publishers from around the world tout their creations as one of the best, but the secret behind their video game’s success is not something that can be easily shared. Nevertheless, here are some of the reasons why some video games are so successful and thus, so addictive.


They Have a Compelling Story Line

No video game is complete without a good story to make the game vital. Story and gameplay are both vital for the success; and from single player games to multiplayer, knowing where the story is headed can make the game even more exciting. It builds the anticipation and thrill. This is particularly the case because this way, the gamer can have the chance to be immersed in the story in an interactive setting.


Along with a good story, the experience of having an incredible gameplay can push the game above and beyond the lines of success. Take some successful games such as the Call of Duty series, for example. Even though the storyline isn’t the game’s strong suit, playing the game provides the player the cinematic experience they need to stay engaged throughout the whole gaming experience.

Game Art

Graphics are crucial for a video game and can be the difference between a thriving and vibrant video game, and a stiff and boring one. Art outsourcing services is one of the most favored video game developers because of their high-quality services have stated that many of their clients like to focus on providing players with as much of a realistic experience as possible.

Game Challenge

A game cannot be won by a player in just one sitting. It has to be challenging enough to keep the player engaged; however, it shouldn’t be so difficult that it frustrates the player. Take the Halo series, for instance. Although the game can at times be hard to beat, it makes the player use their skills to survive. Video Gaming is indeed a fun and exciting recreational activity for people of all ages, sexes, and backgrounds. It has been around for decades and are now growing in popularity but undergone criticism because of its violent content. Critics do believe that playing them, violent games, in particular, results in children becoming desensitized to not only violence but their ability to commit violent acts. Various studies have been performed over many years to discover the truth of this, but have, as of yet, produced no definitive evidence. In fact, playing video games has been associated with many amazing benefits.

There are video games that are designed for kids. These are usually educational, which can bring them fun and knowledge at the same time. Therefore, playing video games for kids is not merely for fun, but as well as educational. This activity is also a great start to practice the abilities of children in making decisions.

There are also video games that designed for adults. These games are also beneficial. It is a good recreational activity to start bonding with kids, families and friends. It does not only hasten mind, memory, and alertness but can also help to improve the skills and behavior of an individual.

If you make yourself familiar with majority of the best video games, you’ll see they are designed around the theme of presenting a player with problems and challenges that they have to solve. To survive the player must learn not only how to solve their individual problems, but they will also have to make decisions that will directly effect or even create future problems presented in the game.

There are also games that can enhance memorization, teaches patience and perseverance, and strategic thinking. Most of these games require players to think ahead and make decisions two or three steps ahead of a current situation. Players quickly learn the advantage of strategic thinking, and they start to apply it to gameplay and real-world situations and opportunities.