The Best Gaming Headset for Xbox One

July 16, 2016
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A quality headset must do more than just be a means simply for chatting with one’s teammates. A good headset should provide utmost immersion as well as pinpoint precision, allowing one to hear the peppering of explosions or approaching footsteps in their peripheral well before an opponent descends upon them. The right headset also should provide fair comfort to get one through marathon gaming full sessions, not to also mention crystal clear voice quality while speaking.

Sadly, the stock type of headset that comes along with Xbox One, though very capable, offers little of these hallmarks. That is why we’ve rounded up a few of our best headsets currently available now, whether you’re searching for an entry-level version lined with the virtual surround sound, and one outfitted with bevy of EQ type of settings for a personalized touch.

Polk Audio Striker ZX ($60)

The, L-shaped large arm on a Striker ZX allows it distinctive edges over the normal build of traditional construction flaws, although, allowing it to get crisp highs or precise sound quality regardless of available media. The flexible mic extends a few inches from the cup when required, and like similar other offerings, the Striker Audio ZX features an inviting chat loop function which lets one hear their own voices in the headphone amid the rumbling battle. They’re comfortable, also, thanks to the molded headband and the leather padding.

Plantronics RIG Flex LX ($86)EQ settings inside the audio adapter.

Bose and Polk may have all notoriety when it comes to headsets and headphones, but Plantronics is fast making a good name to itself currently in the audio realms. RIG Flex LX is part of the reason why, too, given simply how well they create equilibrium form and function normally at affordable costs. The 40 millimeter drivers give punchy lows plus still manage to deliver very detailed highs, each of which use excellent directionality as well as the 3 distinct EQ settings inside the audio adapter. Perforated ear cushions give a good touch of comfort as well, as the dollops color help liven otherwise basic build. Also, they use a set of different dials instead of normal buttons, allowing one to balance between games and chat audios easier than several headsets.

Turtle Beach Ear Force XO One ($70)

Turtle Beach is not just a premiere headphone manufacturer; it is the premiere headphone manufacturer. Although the unique Ear Force XO One headset is an entry-level version, it benefits from features reserved often for headphone twice as expensive. Any 50mm speakers provide treble crisp and deep low-end with bass boost while adjustable microphone monitoring allows one to hear their own voices above the noises. Moreover, the ear cushions provide utmost comfort, in case you use them in conjunction or alone with the highly sensitivity, removable microphone. For the shoe-string price, it does not get better in terms of sound and function.

Xbox One Stereo Headset ($52)

The Xbox One Chat Headphone that came packaged fully with console might not be the very best, but thankfully, Microsoft’s Stereo Headphones excels more where the last falters. The lightweight pairs of cans features retractable microphones and comfortable cups, together with glossy black designs that pairs with One’s sleek frame. These headphones are designed specifically for gaming, and thus, they exhibit an accurate and rich sound stage in playing games like Forza–gunshots and Destiny engines rattle and ring. Moreover, one can even alter the headset’s audio chat balance and game on the fly mainly for fined tuned separation.