How to Choose the Best Router for Gaming

June 28, 2018
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The best gaming router works similar to a smart computer while capturing, processing, and re-transmitting the data packets to the specific gaming devices. It uses the combination of the Ethernet NIC, wireless antennas, and the USB ports to establish high speed connectivity for all your gaming applications. The latest smart devices have a processor (dual core), RAM, and ROM to increase the performance parameters to the maximum extent. They can operate in the dual band (one 2.4GHZ channel of 450MBPS and one 5GHZ channel of 1300MBPS) or the Tri-band mode (One 2.4GHZ channel with 600MBPS and two 5GHZ channels with 1300MBPS).

Gaming Frame Rate

The gaming frame rate refers to the frequency of the video update for every change in the object position and movement. The recommended range for the gaming starts from 30FPS and goes up to 90FPS and more. Most of the modern multiplayer online games can reach a maximum of 120FPS at the peak levels of gaming.

The best gaming router should be able to allocate specific speed and frequency for the gaming based on the device and the application specific needs. It is called a smart system in which the prioritization of the maximum speed can be customized according to the specifications. The router comes with a smart app for controlling the prioritization of speed and bandwidth allocation for your gaming device. For example, you can reserve the 5GHZ channel in a dual band router exclusively for the gaming between a specific time intervals. The router then redirects all the other applications to work through the 2.4GHZ channels and share the bandwidth among them.

When such a system is in place and working, the framing for the advanced games will be exactly according to the designers’ specifications. You will not experience any lags during the gaming time.

Gaming Speed

The speed of playing the online games depends on the data packet transfer rate between the router and the specific gaming device. The best router uses the beam forming technology to transmit the stronger waves to increase the internet speed to the maximum specifications. Adaptive beam forming can result in the efficient working of the multi-user /multi input-output devices to the maximum level of efficiency. For example, you can optimize the gaming speed with 2 or more Ethernet connected players within the local area network of the router and the multiple players online.

The best gaming router can connect 4 or more Ethernet connections and 32+ wireless connections within the dual or tri-band system. By prioritizing the gaming options, you can enjoy the maximum speed for all the players without any drop.

Mobile Compatibility

The best gaming router can provide the maximum mobile device compatibility through the wireless connectivity. You can specify the timing for the prioritization of the maximum bandwidth and the speed in the 5GHZ range. By combining the QOS with the beam forming technology, it is possible to maintain the maximum possible speed.

VPN Compatibility

Enabling the VPN in the 5GHZ 1300MBPS internetworking mode can increase the speed within the same bandwidth by reducing the external interferences to zero level. You can enable the feature whenever you require it for your high end online gaming. The router app lets you custom configure the settings across the twin 5GHZ channels in the tri-band router or the single 5GHZ channel in the dual-band router.

Gaming Range

The best gaming router can support most of the MMO, simulations, RTS, stealth shooting, and the virtual reality games. By using the Ethernet NIC it is possible to play the multiplayer XBOX games through the internet.

At no point of time, you will experience any reduction in speed, accuracy, and the timing which are very important for the multiplayer games. These features are made possible by the integration of the smart processor, the RAM and the intelligent firmware which drives the router.

Smart Hardware

The dual core or the advanced level processors used in the best gaming router can slice the application time and allocate the resources efficiently. In fact, it can interact with the main processor in the PC/laptop to allocate extra RAM space within the router and the main system. You can also expand the virtual memory of the router by connecting it to the external storage device through the USB cables. When all the resources are activated, it is equivalent to twice the hardware capacity provided by the previous generation routers and the gaming computers.

Some of the latest routers have the support of the off-load processor in addition to the core processor. It takes care of the mundane applications like the browsing, downloading, emailing, chatting, and video conferencing applications through the internet. Some of the advanced routers can have the offload processor to take care of the 4K video buffering while watching the online movies. It means the core processor is wholly available for the gaming application.

External Antennas

Most of the smart gaming routers will support the external antennas for enhanced range coverage by the system. By placing the router at the hindrance free zones, it is possible to get the maximum coverage within your home across the ground and the upper floors.

Reviews and Blogs

Reading the best gaming router reviews can give you the basic ideas about the technical specifications and their practical utility for your application. They are usually written by the gaming experts who understand the hardware components of the router and the gaming jigs. You can also read the blogs which also contain detailed information about the specific gaming router brands and models. Before you start reading them, it is important to make a list of your gaming requirements. Then you can compare the specific hardware, firmware and the apps and choose the best from among them.

Client Testimonials

Read the client testimonials and the rating from the clients who play the similar or advanced games in your genre. They give you the best ideas about the hardware and software features of the device which will be of maximum help to you.