GTA 5 Reimagined in Minecraft (yes this happened)

May 16, 2016
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Minecraft is one of the greatest ever sandbox games. Since its release in 2011, it kept millions of gamers glued to their computer screens all over the world. The ability of create virtually anything in this game boosted its popularity over the years. Recently, a group of gamers have decided to recreate the entire world of Grand Theft Auto 5, block by block, within the Minecraft world. They finished a significant portion of the project, and the results are mind-blowing. This insane creation is done by a YouTube user named N11ck who teamed up with his friends to re-build the city of Los Santos and its neighbouring areas, from scratch. What is more interesting is that these gamers are actually a bunch of school goers.

First Clip

The team recently released their first clip called “GTA 5 In Minecraft Cinematic #1” which provides an overview of their creation. They started the project in January 2015, which means that they have been working on this daunting task for a little more than a year. Although the outcome is pretty impressive, one cannot help but wonder how these kids find free time to build such a huge project. Even if you are working with a group of friends, it is impossible to think about the time and effort needed to build the entire GTA 5 world from nothing. It is crucial to note that they aren’t creating something that simply appears like the GTA 5’s game world. They are actually making the entire map in a 1:1 scale. Be it a building, a garden or a road, everything that appears in the action game appears in the Minecraft version of the Los Santos city. The entire Shebang measures nearly 7,500 by 7,500 blocks and it includes the whole city as well as the mountainous landscape of the surrounding Blaine county.

The Impact

For most Minecraft players, their greatest accomplishment will be something like a small building, So, seeing mind-reeling stuff like this makes everyone think of their creations as toothpicks. Without any doubt, the GTA 5 created in Minecraft can be hailed as the most impressive feat ever within the Minecraft world. Gamers have previously attempted feats like a “game within a game”, a working mobile phone and a recreation of Westeros from A Game of Thrones, but re-building the entire Grand Theft Auto game is something one cannot even imagine. It is simply enormous with too many details.

Wrap Up

This creation one again proved that, at its core, Minecraft is a sandbox of creativity which helps gamers build virtually anything that pops up inside their heads. For this reason alone, Minecraft remains as one of the most-played games ever despite the fact that it has got no cutting edge graphics and immersive gameplay. It is just like giving players an amazing set of Legos and telling them to unleash their creative side, and this is exactly what N11ck and his bunch of friends are doing. The team has uploaded a fresh set of videos showing further details of “GTA 5 Remade using Minecraft” on their YouTube page. You can find them by clicking the link