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5 Of The Best Games For PS4

February 4, 2016
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With 2016 already off to a great start, there are still a few major game releases that are already in the pipeline tat are destined to impress many ps4 console lovers. However to keep you in the know of the best games that are currently available, below is are 5 of the best games for ps4.


Rockstar games has again made it to the top of the list with the release of their high definition version of GTA 5. The game was already a killer choice for any gamer but the enhanced graphics in 1080p HD made the game an absolute best among other ps4 games. The new release of GTA5 came with a few extra additions that are bound to make the game even more interesting. These additions include a first-person view and new side quests.


Dontnod Entertainment is definitely way ahead of its game by giving a gamer the full ability to play a game with Life is Strange. The game is really engaging and emotional. The game’s story revolves a photography student, Max who realizes that she has the power to rewind time. Dontnod gives the gamer the full ability and choice of how Max uses her powers. Life is Strange has an awesome soundtrack and emotional climaxes that should get any gamer hooked to the game.


Cd Projekt Red’s the Witcher 3 is definitely one of the best RPG games available on the market. It has a heavy sense of detailing and a killer storyline that will most definitely capture any serious gamer’s attention. The developers of the game definitely went out of their way to make sure that the virtual world in which the game is based on is an incredible place to exist in. The game sees to it that Gerald the Witcher fully transforms from a sword swinging Mr. Loverman of the first Witcher to a mature and reflective hero.


while game and movie franchises might find it hard to usually build up the momentum to the release of a new sequel in a certain franchise while still bettering on the previous release, Rocksteady Studios have managed to do just that. They have finished off its Batman Arkham series on a high note. Batman: Arkham Knight is undoubtedly one of the best games on the ps4 console right now. The game is powerful and ambitious. It has a lot of action packed sequences and even includes a duo mode where Batman teams up with either Robin, Nightwing or Catwoman to go toe to toe with the villains. Rocksteady improved on the games detailing without eroding the dark Knights importance.


Bloodborne is definitely a game for those who are serious gamers only. The game will demand a lot from you in terms of time and complexity but at the end of it all, it will be well worth it. Bloodborne takes an action heavy approach in the manner in which its action and journey sequences are synchronized. This is a game with a dark storyline that should be able to capture the attention of any serious gamer.

Wrap Up

Hopefully our list means that you’re not wasting countless hours looking for the right PS4 game.  That said, leave a comment if you think you we missed a game.